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  • June 7, 2007
    H3R Clean Agents Introduces Fire Suppression System Backup Program

    Helps a company get back online quickly after a fire suppression system discharge occurs.

    (Larkspur, CA) - H3R Clean Agents has announced the introduction of its new Fire Suppression System Backup Program that helps minimize downtime due to a fire suppression system discharge. Whether voluntary or accidental, discharges of suppression systems are fairly common. The H3R Clean Agents program is designed for companies with a Halon 1301 or HFC-227ea clean agent fire suppression system.

    The H3R Clean Agents Fire Suppression System Backup Program provides companies with a key component for their risk management strategy. The program supplies fully reconditioned and filled system cylinders that can be stored at a company's premises to back up online cylinders. The cylinders are charged with Halon 1301 or HFC-227ea. A company simply swaps out its discharged cylinders in the event of a fire suppression system discharge.

    "If a company has a fire suppression system discharge, it often means days or weeks waiting for an expensive emergency recharge, particularly in the case of a Halon 1301 system due to the scarcity of agent and rebuild kits," said Stephen Berg, president, H3R Clean Agents. "With our cylinders stored on-site, we, in partnership with our dealers or the company's fire protection services provider, can get the company up and running quickly after an emergency. Plus, we can do this at a far lower cost than buying Halon or other clean agents on the spot market."

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